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Day 12: Boulder Dam

Monday morning, May 18, 2015, day 12 of my cross-country journey. Time to see something I’ve wanted to see for a long time, the Hoover Dam (a.k.a. Boulder Dam). After much less than a one-day stay, it’s time to leave the delightful Boulder City hotel. First though, I’ve got to get some breakfast and check out the Boulder Dam museum right here in the hotel. Continue reading

The prescription for Baltimore: jobs

471381728-1500x1000It was hard to watch the images coming out of Baltimore last week. Seeing Freddy Gray’s life cut short, a man who was the same age as my own son, was tragic enough. The ensuing protests, the riot, the wall-to-wall media coverage, the talk about urban hopelessness, lack of opportunity, poor education – all of this was unsurprising, if not downright predictable. This is a story that is getting very old, about a situation for which solutions exist, solutions that are not even being attempted. That is precisely why the story is so hard to watch. Continue reading

The Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative takes a (HUGE) new step!

UEIlogo_withTag.colorAnyone following my activities this past year knows that I have been consumed with the creation of something called the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative. Ever since returning to my home state of Michigan in 2007, I have been struck by the need to connect the intellect and resources of our entrepreneur communities with the needs, passion, and insight of people in our urban communities. Continue reading

Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference 2014

Having some fun at BEEC 2014

Having some fun at Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference 2014.

This past May 14-17, I had the privilege of participating in the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference 2014 (BEEC 2104) in Columbus, Ohio. This conference, established and operated by Black Enterprise Magazine, is the largest gathering anywhere of African American entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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David Tarver named to U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering Council (ECEC)

Dr. Khalil Najafi, Chair, U-M Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Khalil Najafi, Chair, U-M Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The purpose of the University of Michigan Electrical and Computer Engineering Council (ECEC) is to foster excellence in all areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) research and teaching, provide strategic guidance to ECE faculty and leadership, and strengthen relationships among ECE faculty, students, alumni and corporations, foundations, and government agencies with ECE-related interests. Continue reading

October 10 is Urban Entrepreneurship Day at U-M Ann Arbor

city Easternside_t700

What would happen if entrepreneurs focused their considerable intellectual and financial resources on creating solutions for urban citizens? What would happen if businesses focused on producing the two things urban citizens need most: products and services that solve the problems they face, and jobs? On October 10, 2014, at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor, we will begin to discover the answers to these questions. Continue reading

Let there be (more efficient) light!

A19 incandescent bulb

Standard A19 incandescent light bulb


It’s hard to believe how fast Thomas Edison’s most important invention is receding in the rear view mirror. Ever since the U.S. government mandated the extinction of the incandescent light bulb, a new wave of entrepreneurial companies have been vying to replace it with much more efficient and practical lighting sources.  The chief competitor for the title of “standard light bulb” is the new class of LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. These new bulbs allow you to save money on your electric bill while also saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. In my opinion, any technology that allows us to save money while saving the planet is a no-brainer.

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In the Lion’s Den: WDT on WTVN Columbus, Ohio

joel riley

Joel Riley, WTVN Columbus Ohio

David Tarver head and shoulders

In preparation for the Black Enterprise Magazine 2014 Entrepreneurs Conference, David Tarver was interviewed by WTVN talk radio host Joel Riley. The subject: how a technology “mogul” uses entrepreneurship to solve urban problems.



David Tarver to speak at 2014 Black Enterprise Magazine conference

BE 2014 conference bannerTechnology Mogul to Speak at the National Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference in Columbus, Ohio May 15, 2014

Inventor, engineer and entrepreneur grows basement start-up to
multi-million dollar international enterprise and now inspires others to do the same

Detroit, MI – While Bill Gates was building Microsoft and Steve Jobs was creating his first Apple Computer, W. David Tarver was pioneering the world’s first digital telecommunications simulator.  Unknown to most, Tarver launched Telecom Analysis Systems in his basement in 1983 and sold it 12 years later for $30 million.  Today, Tarver is on a mission to inspire the next generation of technology innovators. Tarver will be speaking and conducting a book signing at the 2014 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio on May 15, 2014.   Tarver’s session will take place from 9:30 am – 10:45 am.  Visit: for more details. Continue reading