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Could this be my next Porsche? Someone traded in this 2016 911 GT3 with only 180 miles! Bargain price of $226K (about $40K OVER the original sticker price. I have the LEGO model of this specific car in this specific color, and it is almost as beautiful as the real thing. Going to pass on this beauty, though. This is a real sports car, great on the track, very uncomfortable to drive around day to day. I can look though!

I’ve Joined the Wayne State University Team

David Tarver has joined the Wayne State University team

I’m joining the team at Wayne State University, where the work will indeed be 24/7 and 365!

As of July 17, 2017, I have accepted a senior administrative position with Wayne State University  (WSU) in Detroit, Michigan. The position is Senior Counselor to the Provost for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In this role, I will provide guidance and overall strategic direction to the University in areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, and will administer initiatives designed to foster and enhance the campus-wide entrepreneurship ecosystem. This is a new position at Wayne State, and I will be responsible both to the university provost and the vice president of economic development.

I am excited about this new role at Wayne State because I am passionate about using the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to enhance the quality of life in cities. Wayne State’s urban location, together with its diverse student population, make it a unique and ideal place to identify important problems and foster the creation of sustainable, scalable solutions. I look forward to working with the talented students, faculty, and staff of Wayne State to facilitate a world-class environment of innovation and business creation.

I will continue to teach my course, “Urban-Focused Entrepreneurship,” at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The next edition of that course will begin on September 6, 2017. In addition, I also intend to continue in my volunteer role as board president of the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative (UEI), the organization I founded in 2014. Due to my responsibilities at WSU, we will be adding resources to UEI so that we can continue to execute and enhance our Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium and other programs. We will have more announcements on this front shortly.

Those who know of my history and ongoing association with The University of Michigan may be surprised that I would engage in so important a role with Wayne State. While I cherish my Wolverine heritage, I relish this opportunity to advance the mission at Wayne State, which is Michigan’s only urban research university. I intend that our work at WSU will provide a platform for others to engage in the revitalization and well-being of Detroit and other cities, and in that sense my work there will definitely be a win-win.

Day 6: City by the Bay

Time to kill in San Francisco – what to do? Well, after waking up on Aaron’s sofa, I freshened up and drove down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Found a parking lot that let me park all day for $9.50, as long as I entered the lot between 9 and 10. It was only 8:30, so I grabbed a quick breakfast at La Boulange on Columbus before tucking the car away.

Streetcars near Fisherman’s Wharf station.

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California at last!

Day 5: took the VERY scenic drive to San Francisco from Reno. Almost took the short detour to Lake Tahoe, but no time – gotta meet Aaron for dinner. Reached San Francisco area in about 4 hours (would have been closer to 3 had I not encountered rush hour traffic near the destination. 

Met Aaron at a Portuguese restaurant called Fresca on Fillmore. We had a really goo seafood dinner, after which I went and crashed on his sofa. Nice day!

GTI parked on Fillmore, in SF.

Day 4: Destination Reno

Had a really restful night in SLC. Can’t say enough good things about the HI express there. Spent a long time freshening from 3 days on the road, and walked to the little sandwich place next door for breakfast. Not many people on the street – it’s Sunday morning in SLC!

Now it’s time to head toward San Fran, but I think I may spend the night in Reno, NV. No sense getting to SF at bedtime – better to arrive fresh, and stay in an inexpensive Reno hotel instead of a god awful expensive one in SF.

Miles out of SLC, I notice the Great Salt Lake. Never realized how frickin huge that thing is. It goes on for miles and miles (75, to be more precise). It’s a wonder. So are the huge piles of salt being produced by the Morton Salt Company. Gotta come back here and cruise around the lake. Experience the extremely easy flotation afforded by it’s high salt and mineral content!

Reaching Nevada after a slight bout of road hypnosis (I could have sworn the car was falling apart, and I was going to swerve off the road!) I stopped for gas in the quintessential rural Nevada pit stop. A couple of gas pumps, a couple of slots, a couple of weathered people. They were friendly. It was nice.


The quintessential rural Nevada pit stop.

Gassing up the chariot.