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Quelle Chance! Hamilton Tickets!!!

While in NYC yesterday, I decided to try to see “Hamilton,” the Broadway phenom. After walking to the theater and standing in the “cancellations” line for an hour, a young lady came up and offered two tickets for $560 each. The guy next to me (Drew) and I negotiated her down, and outbid another guy in line, and ended up paying $310 each. Yeah, crazy, I know. But it was a bargain! Our seats were 4th row orchestra, and we could almost smell the actors!

The originator, writer, composer, and lead actor in the show was Lin-Manuel Miranda. I immediately recognized him from somewhere. Just before intermission, I realized that he was the star of one of Nadiyah and my favorite Sesame Street episodes! It’s the one where Big Bird decides to move to a new habitat. See the trailer here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B33uEhlt8wA

The show was amazing. What a day! What a lucky, lucky day.

From my penthouse, I can see Bon Jovi’s place!

Jump on this unique place while still available!

Jump on this unique place while still available!

No, really — I’m not pulling a Sarah Palin on you, I really can!  BJ’s place (or at least its immediate vicinity) is right across the beautiful Navesink River from mine. Living in The Bluffs complex in Red Bank, New Jersey has afforded some of the best experiences of my life. Continue reading