A Special Reunion

I’m headed to Holmdel, New Jersey this weekend for a very special reunion. It’s a gathering of pioneering Bell Laboratories engineers, scientists, and administrative staff – a group of friends who joined the company at a time of great social and technological change. I’ve been calling the group the “Bell Labs O.G.s,” for Original Gangsters.

Nadiyah, Aaron, Stacy

Blended with Love (guest article)

I hardly ever post anything by my kids on this site, but I’m making an exception for this essay by my youngest, Nadiyah. The essay deals with how our blended family has shaped Nadiyah’s identity and awareness. I didn’t know Nadiyah had written this until she brought it home from school, along with a certificate from some national organization that recognized the work as “excellent.” Congrats Nadiyah, and thanks for sharing your insights.

Magic and Me

Magic Johnson was a hero to me because of the leadership attributes he displayed on the basketball court. Those attributes transcended the game of basketball, and inspired a young tech company founder – me – to follow his example. I owe the success I achieved in business, at least in part, to the inspiration I received from Magic. That is why, to me, he will always be the G.O.A.T.