Entrepreneurship Resources and Links


Business Model Generation Preview

Business Model Canvas Template (PowerPoint)

Talking to Humans

Engaging Queenslanders

Stanford Bootcamp Bootleg

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development

SCORE 2-Minute Opportunity Checklist

How to Write a Great Business Plan

Original Telecom Analysis Systems Business Plan (1983)

Business plan produced by student team: Plan My Road Trip


Links to videos

“Proving Ground – Anatomy of a Successful Tech Startup” (TEDxDetroit 2012) – W. David Tarver

Scalable Urban Business Models – Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015

Building Your Personal Charisma – Elizabeth Fox Cabane (YouTube)

Pitching – The 10/20/30 Pitch Rule – Guy Kawasaki


Links to web sites, online courses, and other resource

Course: “How to Build a Startup” at Udacity.com

U-M Center for Socially Engaged Design

12 Tips for Early Customer Development Interviews (Revision 3)