David Tarver to speak at 2014 Black Enterprise Magazine conference

BE 2014 conference bannerTechnology Mogul to Speak at the National Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference in Columbus, Ohio May 15, 2014

Inventor, engineer and entrepreneur grows basement start-up to
multi-million dollar international enterprise and now inspires others to do the same

Detroit, MI – While Bill Gates was building Microsoft and Steve Jobs was creating his first Apple Computer, W. David Tarver was pioneering the world’s first digital telecommunications simulator.  Unknown to most, Tarver launched Telecom Analysis Systems in his basement in 1983 and sold it 12 years later for $30 million.  Today, Tarver is on a mission to inspire the next generation of technology innovators. Tarver will be speaking and conducting a book signing at the 2014 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio on May 15, 2014.   Tarver’s session will take place from 9:30 am – 10:45 am.  Visit: http://www.blackenterprise.com/events/ec for more details.

Speaking on the topic, “From Entrepreneurship to Exit Strategies,” David Tarver is well versed in the subject.  After successfully growing and then selling his startup for $30 million in 1995, Tarver spearheaded the creation of a Spirent telecommunications group with sales of more that $300 million and a market value in excess $2 billion.  His original business continues to achieve annual sales in excess of $100 million.

Born and raised in the industrial town of Flint, Michigan, Tarver came of age during the turbulent civil rights era and believes he has a responsibility to share what he’s learned with today’s generation of entrepreneurs.  “The truth is, there aren’t many individuals, who look like me, who have built multi-million dollar technology companies.  But we can,” Tarver states. “Sometimes individuals just need to see someone else who’s done it to believe they can do it too.”

While at the Black Enterprise Conference, Tarver says he hopes to help entrepreneurs learn how to grow a venture successfully–the first time–and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.  Tarver will also be signing copies of his inspirational book, “Proving Ground: A Memoir,” which shares his hard-learned business and life lessons.

In keeping with his sense of duty, Tarver is gearing up to launch the Urban Entrepreneurship Challenge later this year—a competition and coaching program that encourages entrepreneurial-minded high school and college students to create profitable business models that also help to solve some of our cities’ most pressing problems.

“The talent and creativity in our country’s high schools, colleges and universities is astounding.   Our nation’s young people are poised to make amazing contributions to society.  The Urban Entrepreneurship Challenge is just one avenue to help draw that greatness out of them,” Tarver states.

The Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative (UEI) is a collaborative effort focused on identifying and supporting community-driven, entrepreneurial solutions to urban problems.  The UEI symposium is being planned for the fall of 2014.  Visit https://davidtarver.com/uei/ to learn more.


About David Tarver
A native of Flint, Michigan—David Tarver is a successful inventor, engineer, author and entrepreneur with remarkable success in corporate R&D, technology business startup, and social entrepreneurship.  In 1983, David launched Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc. – a high-tech telecommunications instrumentation business. In 1995, he engineered the sale of TAS to Bowthorpe (now Spirent) plc for $30 million. From 1996-99, Tarver spearheaded the creation of a Spirent telecommunications group with annual sales over $300 million and a market value in excess of $2 billion.  Today, David is committed to sharing his life lessons in entrepreneurship and inspiring other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. He is the author of “Proving Ground: A Memoir,” and is currently a lecturer at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. Visit www.DavidTarver.com to learn more.

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