Where are the Fred and Louise Tarver Scholars?

David Tarver with Fred and Louise Tarver Scholar, Caleb Brazier
David Tarver with Fred and Louise Tarver Scholar, Caleb Brazier

The most recent Fred and Louise Tarver Scholars, Charles White and Caleb Brazier, should have an exciting and eventful summer. Charles just finished his first year in the U-M College of Engineering, and I understand that he did very well. He landed a coveted internship with Intel Corporation in Folsom, California, and that is where is is right now. Before he left, he wrote one of the nicest letters I have ever received from a scholarship recipient. It is so nice to know that students appreciate and recognize the opportunities and support they receive. Charles would seem to have a very bright future.

Caleb Brazier graduated from the U-M College of Engineering this Spring, and next month he is off to begin his professional career at Microsoft Corporation in Seattle, Washington. I had the pleasure of sharing breakfast with Caleb this past weekend, and can attest that he is chomping at the bit to get started on his software development career.

Both of these fellows are fine young men who will be a real asset to their community and to the profession. I look forward to following their careers, and to seeing them when they are back on campus at U-M. Speaking of which, I’m hoping to hold an event soon that will bring all of the previous Fred and Louise Tarver Scholars together in Ann Arbor to share their career lessons and stories with the next generation of engineers. They are quite a talented, accomplished bunch already. Should be quite a group photo, too…all of the scholars pictured with one of the people the scholarship is named for, my mother, Claudia Louise Tarver. My mom is ninety-one years old now, but I know she wouldn’t miss a picture like that for the world.

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