From my penthouse, I can see Bon Jovi’s place!

Jump on this unique place while still available!
Jump on this unique place while still available!

No, really — I’m not pulling a Sarah Palin on you, I really can!  BJ’s place (or at least its immediate vicinity) is right across the beautiful Navesink River from mine. Living in The Bluffs complex in Red Bank, New Jersey has afforded some of the best experiences of my life. Just steps away from downtown Red Bank, New Jersey, a.k.a. “Hip City.” A 10 minute walk to the New York City train, then in mid-Manhattan in one hour. A five-minute car ride to the beautiful Jersey Shore. A private boat dock downstairs where I could (if I owned a boat) sail right down the Navesink River and over to New York. The best views of any unit in this exclusive 20-unit condominium development.

It was great while it lasted, but in 2007 (in the midst of the real estate crash) I moved to Michigan. For the past several years, I’ve been renting the place to a great tenant, but now it’s time to face facts: I’m not going back to New Jersey, so it’s time to sell my little gem. You can click here to see the real estate listing.

If you know anyone who is looking for a great place near the Jersey Shore, within easy commuting distance to New York, send them my way. Just send the lead to me at If they end up buying the place, you’ll earn a nice commission directly from me. If YOU buy it from me, I’ll give you the old discount.

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