Quality is Free

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing us to retreat to our cocoons as we try to stay safe and “bend the curve” of the viruses’ spread. It is also providing us the opportunity to think and reflect on the lessons we may be able to take away from this experience. One of the most prominent lessons reverberating inside my head is one I found quite awhile ago in a book called Quality is Free.

David’s Covid-19 Dungeon

Most of us are spending a lot more time indoors these days, and the Tarver family is no exception. It’s hard to stay focused and productive during this Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, I have a retreat where I can go to focus and create, recreate, and produce. I thought you might enjoy a tour of the sometimes-cold, sometimes spider-infested place I call David’s Dungeon.

Corona Crazy

Well, this is the first full week of Corona Virus “lockdown” here in Michigan. Schools are in online mode, restaurants are closed (except for take-out orders), all in-person meetings and events of more than 10 people canceled. What a drag.