David’s Covid-19 Dungeon

Entrance to David’s Dungeon

Most of us are spending a lot more time indoors these days, and the Tarver family is no exception. It’s hard to stay focused and productive during this Covid-19 pandemic, especially if you have few explicit deadlines to meet (I know, lucky me). Fortunately, I have a retreat where I can go to focus and create, recreate, and produce, all pretty much in one room. I thought you might enjoy a tour of the sometimes-cold, sometimes spider-infested place I call David’s Dungeon. Whatever else it may be, it holds a lot of my memories, and it always feels like home.

A somewhat protracted video tour of my productivity lair, David’s Dungeon. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “David’s Covid-19 Dungeon

  1. Thanks for the personal tour. By the way, I have similar lab equipment from Rigol; I was nervous to buy it because of the price but I haven’t had any problems yet!

  2. Hello David, I have a video of your wonderful speech at the Two River Theater groundbreaking. I would like to send it to you. Can you provide your email address? I was the Director of Marketing for TRTC.

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