Welcoming the new family “member!”

After surgery – no pain, glad to be alive, feeling blessed!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 was a momentous day for me. After roughly 15 years of gradually increasing aggravation and decreasing mobility, I checked into Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan and had my right hip completely replaced. The new family “member” (structural member, for you engineers out there) is now firmly in place. 

New hip hardware.
Hip replacement, before and after (not mine!)

I had the surgery at about 7am. I was in my hospital room recovering before 10am. Later that day, I was able to stroll through the hospital hallways with Kishna and Nadiyah, with the aid of a walker (see the video below). The next afternoon, Wednesday, May 1, I was discharged to finish my recuperation at home.

My first post-surgery stroll at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, Michigan. Choreography and dancing by Kishna Tarver. Videography by Nadiyah Tarver.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrKNrPGnG_U[/embedyt]


Bidding farewell to my dedicated nurses.

I’d like to thank my surgeon, Dr. Donald Knapke, and the Troy Beaumont Hospital staff. This was the closest thing to a pleasant experience I have ever had in a hospital. I’d also like to thank my lifelong friend Reggie Barnett for picking me up from the hospital the day after surgery, and for getting me to a speaking engagement just four days after the surgery. I had committed to speaking at the Jack and Jill Club Detroit Chapter recognition event for graduating seniors a few months ago, and I didn’t want to miss the occasion. Thanks especially to my “home” team, Kishna and Nadiyah, who have been instrumental in my recovery. And thanks to my “away” team, Stacy and Aaron, who checked in regularly with words of encouragement. Finally, thanks to all the extended family members and friends who lent encouragement and support.

One week later – walking with the aid of a cane only.

I’m looking forward to completing my recovery and getting back into the swing. One of my main motivations for getting this done now is Stacy’s upcoming wedding, in Jamaica, this coming July 5. I look forward to walking my daughter down the aisle with no perceptible limp, poppin’ and lockin’ on the dance floor at the reception, and being a beast on the sun-drenched tennis court! 

God is good!

6 thoughts on “Welcoming the new family “member!”

  1. Hey David- Rembering when Joe Northrup was the only guy in TAS with a bionic hip! Congratulations on Stacy’s wedding! Enjoy Jamaica and give that hip a real stress test dancing. When you are back in NJ let’s catch up, I am working in Asbury Park now so many good places to eat. Best always!

    1. Jim:
      Great to hear from you. I’m just now getting back to blogging after the surgery and another pretty significant event I’ll be posting soon. Hope all is well with you and Carol and the girls!

  2. Dave, congratulations on a successful surgery. Amazing isn’t it? The most amazing thing is how quick the recovery can be. Good cheer to you the best is still to come

    1. Jim:
      Thanks for your encouraging message. Yes, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, including paying attention to my blog. Hope all is well with you!

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