Welcome to Nadiyah’s Workshop!

Nadiyah in her “If Butterflies Wore Jewelry” workshop with consultant and financier, Mom!

Nadiyah is really going hard at her custom jewelry design and manufacturing business! I hope she doesn’t get the BIG HEAD and drop out of school like some other noted entrepreneurs. Just kidding, the girl is killing it at school, too. We are truly blessed and exceedingly proud of her. Nadiyah is still cranking out her products in response to the Christmas season demand, so if you are looking for a unique last-minute gift (or treat for yourself!) hop on over to her online store at nadiyahdesigns.com. I’ve included below a sampling of her work.

One more thing…Nadiyah donates 15% of sale proceeds to a worthy charitable organization. The customer chooses the charity they wish to donate to at checkout. How about that kid?!

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