Remembering Mabes

My beloved mother – we called her Mabes.

As Mother’s Day 2020 draws to a close, I’m filled with love and gratitude while remembering my mother, Claudia Louise Tarver. She left this earth on August 11, 2014, and the world has not been quite right since. Still, she left a legacy of excellence and love that I strive to live up to every day. Usually, I come up short – such was the height of the bar she set.

At the time of my mom’s funeral, I made a rather long video (slide show) tribute to her life, accompanied by some songs we’d enjoy listening to together. Many friends and family members will recognize themselves in the pictures. If you have some time, find a comfortable chair, connect to some quality audio equipment, watch and listen. You may just feel a bit of my mom’s spirit.

A video tribute to my mom, Claudia Louise Tarver

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